Calling All Lemonade Makers

We're on the search for kickass Lemonade Makers to join us on our
journey to reinvent insurance from the ground up.

Job Openings at Lemonade Insurance

Maker At Heart, But Don’t See A Role That Fits?

We’d love to hear from you! We’re looking for natural-born innovators
who live and breathe tech and question everything.

A culture of Makers

Makers seek creativity in everything they do, whether it’s a line of code, a new
design, or a brand campaign. They’re exceptionally smart team players, who don’t
think of work as… well, work. They love the smallest of details, but can move the
biggest mountains. They are self starters, who get a kick out of delivering
quality stuff fast, and laugh in the face of impossible tasks.

Lemonade Office - TLV - standup
Lemonade Office - NYC

Our workplace looks more like a workshop than an office. We despise corporate politics,
emails, and neverending, boring meetings. Macs are our weapons of choice, we (only) use
Slack for communications, and put our trust in the cloud.
We love the different and the unusual. We work hard, and focus harder. We’re obsessed with
prioritisation, getting shit done, and being agile. We don’t have a roadmap. In fact, we don’t
believe in roadmaps at all.

Looking for a gym, a ping pong table, and a daily massage? Well, we’re not the right place for
you. We don’t do that stuff. We focus on building incredible stuff in record-breaking speeds
while turning a 300-year-old industry on its head.
If you’re a hard-working and creative human, you may just be the next Lemonade Maker.


We’re a tight-knit crew with a passion for what we do. But our time together isn’t confined to our office walls.
From happy hours to community service trips to wedding celebrations, there’s nothing we love more than a good time.